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Black History Month Needs To Be Refreshed

Black History Month Needs To Be Refreshed


As a woman of color, specifically, a black woman raising multicultural children, I have a difficult relationship with Black History Month. On one hand, I am so proud of the contributions of countless black men in women to this country — on the other hand I find it ridiculous that “black history” isn’t taught in its totality, with World History and US History. I mean, why not teach about the history and contributions of people of color, in relation to each time period and region? But I digress.

I’ve never celebrated Black History Month because it seems silly that we only do it one month each year when history is being made every day. And as a black woman, married to a white man, with four kids spanning every shade between, I’m not going to raise them believing that part of your heritage is to be celebrated some of the time. So, like the true (and very proud) millennial that I am — I decided to do something new this year, and instead of celebrating Black History Month, I’ll be celebrating #MakeHistoryColorful.

I want my kids to know and celebrate all of who they are, all the time. In lieu of focusing on the evolution of black people from slavery to modern-day — because that’s been done to death — I’m going to focus on teaching them impactful lessons and discovering inspiring people of color, who are changing the world around us.

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